About Us


ΛSi was established in 2003 by Patricia Brown in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company specializes in high end quality interior design for clients with a vision. ΛSi has developed a wealth of expertise within the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. With solid successes behind us, the company has delivered a significant number of projects across the Middle East and North Africa.


ΛSi's design philosophy is unique, providing intelligent design solutions. We deliver a contemporary style with cultural, contextual elements in order to give each space its exclusivity and sense of being. Our team is passionate about working in close collaboration with our clients through every stage of the process, ensuring delivery of a personally tailored service and result.

Mission & Values

Mission - 

ΛSi continues to attract clients with a vision and esteemed projects by:

  1. Providing a superior service and value through a wide range of interior related services and expertise
  2. Translating clients' ideas into successful projects, which work aesthetically, practically and commercially
  3. Delivering on time and in budget, with the highest quality and service in mind
  4. Delivering a lasting legacy

Values - 

ΛSi holds in high regard a number of values which combined, represent the embodiment of the company. These are:

  1. Innovation
  2. Transparency
  3. Professionalism